Assistance et Réhabilitation des Victimes de la Torture et Autres Violences


1.To support victims of sexual violence through medical and psychosocial assistance;
2.Socio economically reintegrate victims VBSG and empower women within their communities;

The Assistance we provide to Torture survivors (victims of inhuman and degrading treatment, rape victims, victims of violence based on gender SGBV) is a holistic and integrated Support. We work everyday to prevent Torture by actions of Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness (prevention) in favor of populations in areas where human rights are most threatened (rural and peripheral areas of large cities).

* Medical Assistance

To achieve this goal, SOPROP has five Medical and Psycho Medical Centres of Assistance and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture in Kinshasa (2), Goma (1) Butembo (1) and Kitshanga (1) that allow us to provide assistance to victims. On top of that we have a dedicated Medical Team.

* Psychological Assistance

The psychological counseling enables us to help victims of torture and other violence to overcome their psychological trauma. This therapy, based on clinical, psychoanalytic and behavioral follow-up, is to facilitate the social rehabilitation of victims.

This assistance is often combined with medication, which is designed to relieve physical symptoms.


* Legal Assistance 

Legal assistance is provided by SOPROP in different ways. This assistance includes the payment of legal fees, translation and legal procedures. Funding is provided to all victims including asylum seekers and IDP and in this case serves to assist in the preparation and monitoring of asylum applications and the rights of IDPs.

The aid also contributes to the fight against impunity through actions that aim to redress and compensation for victims from national, regional, and international bodies and even from civilians torturers.

* Social Assistance 

The Social assistance is provided by SOPROP to complete medical and psychological assistance. This include services that are designed to reduce the sense of marginalization that many victims face.

* Support for Socio-Professional Reintegration

Support for socio-professional rehabilitation is provided by our organization to enable  Victims to rebuild their lives by setting up a professional project with the accompaniment of SOPROP.

These project s can be a lucrative business income, training, apprenticeship  trades, a  Education Assistance /Scholarship, etc.

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