1.Promote the voice and channel the interests of citizens through the promotion and strengthening of good governance and accountability in relation to the access of the population to basic social services in the peripheral areas of Kinshasa, Goma and other major cities of DRC.
2.Strengthening the capacity of CBOs ( Grassroots organizations) for monitoring and advocacy in order to improve their skills and make them more active and efficient in a citizen control of public action in their communities.
3.Roll Back impunity and strengthen access to justice for victims of Torture and Sexual Violence;
4.Mobilize public opinion for the prevention of sexual violence and change in gender relations.

This program (Participatory Democracy and Good Governance has been mainly financed by NED for over 15 years

This program involves activities related to civic education and human rights in high schools, universities, associations of civil society and with members of Public Administration (training, seminars / workshops , debates Conferences, producing songs that promote peace, Publication of periodicals and pamphlets, organizing competitions of games on radio and television broadcasts).


Establishment of Municipal Council of Human Rights “CCDH” 


A CCDH is a meeting, consultation and dialogue  framework bringing together representatives of social groups, elected representatives (MPs) and the political and administrative authorities and in which are discussed the problems affecting the life of their own neighborhood (neighborhood development, peace and social insecurity, violations of human rights, crises, etc.) to consider joint solutions.

During the last 5 years, SOPROP has organized with the support from NED, social forums, training sessions on human rights, training of pairs educator, exchange meetings with the CCDH (Kinshasa).

Establishment of Clubs for the Defenseof Human Rights “CDDH”

CDDH is a framework for exchange and dialogue in favor of students, teachers and school authorities (management committee) to discuss training issues, good governance, the fight against corruption and the defense and promotion of human rights in schools. Through this channel, SOPROP signs agreements with schools so that human rights courses are taught in their schools.


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